"With a focus on customized projects tied to attracting, engaging, developing and inspiring our best Talent, THEIR CREATIVE, OUT-OF-THE-BOX APPROACH was embraced by our teams as a BREATH OF FRESH AIR, and distinct from traditional HR programs."

- Jud Linville, CEO, Global Cards and Consumer Services, Citigroup






"Over all the years I have worked with Courtney and Alicia, I found their approach to always be through a business lens. Whether it was helping my team to increase my sales, launch a new product, break down functional silos, or help expand the business globally, their People Strategies were an integral part of the team’s success. I appreciate their ability to tailor their work to the audience–from Call Center Representatives to newly promoted Managers to SVP New Hires. With a focus on customized projects tied to attracting, engaging, developing and inspiring our best Talent, their creative, out-of-the-box approach was embraced by our teams as a breath of fresh air, and distinct from traditional HR programs. Most importantly, their work was exactly what was needed to help close people-related gaps in our Plan."  

- Jud Linville, CEO, Global Cards and Consumer Services, Citigroup




"I began working with Alicia in 2005 when we were colleagues at Asurion. Since that time, I have periodically engaged her as a coach for several key leaders, consulted with her as a personal mentor and recommended her services to a number of others. I've repeatedly seen the profound impact that Alicia's enlightened approach to optimizing the relationship between employer and organization can have on both parties. With Alicia, you feel you have someone squarely in your corner who is also unafraid to call you on your own BS, and there is nothing more valuable than this for personal development and enterprise value creation."

- Eric Roza, CEO, Datalogix (now SVP, Oracle Data Cloud)



"The "Business Partner" aspect of what Courtney does every day stands out strongly. My team got help from Courtney that made a meaningful difference to the sales process and the way we developed our people. She ensured our most important attribute, Sales of Integrity, was at the forefront of every decision. Her coaching and diversity insights were sought after by every team and she delivered many hours of work outside of her normal role to accommodate us all. Courtney is true, through and through, and is a person who can help any organization."

- Anthony Cioffi, Senior Vice President, Americas Sales, Juniper Networks






“Alicia facilitated a board session for our organization with great professionalism and empathy. She was fearless in tackling difficult issues and through identifying careful ground rules that all could agree to, led the group through discussion and resolution. Everyone in attendance agreed it was a very worthwhile session and we are set up to achieve the substantial goals we have set for ourselves.

- Non-Profit Board Member


American Express Logo


"What do you get when you combine intellectual curiosity, with a bias for action, presented in a down to earth straight-talk manner? You get a healthy dose of Alicia and Courtney, the partners of Medius Advisory Group. Having worked with Alicia and Courtney, it is safe to say you easily will be swept up by the energy and passion they bring in helping you unlock the organizational behavioral needs you may have."

- Robert Childs, SVP Human Resources, American Express




"I've worked with Medius Advisory Group at two different organizations. They brought principle based and outside the box thinking to accelerate our leadership development agenda and the growth of our high potential talent. Their solutions helped us scale a growing company and supplied the depth of talent that led us into the future. I'd recommend Medius Advisory Group to any organization looking to make real progress with their talent agenda."     

- Clint Kofford, Director, Talent Management, NIKE, Inc.




"In the 11 years I’ve known and worked with Alicia Mandel, she has been one of my closest and most influential mentors. Her expertise in leadership, management and [organizational] culture has been absolutely invaluable to my personal and professional development. I am far more capable and confident today as a result of the leadership development work I’ve undertaken with Alicia. And, if you ask whether I’d choose to work with her again? I’ll answer 'I already have.' "

- Dr. Peter Vint, Academy Director, Everton Football Academy, Premier Football League





"As the CEO of Carnegie Learning, I strongly encouraged my team to think differently about recruiting. Medius Advisory Group was instrumental in affecting a change in thinking and ultimately identifying unique talent to fill our gaps. Their consultative approach and data-driven methodology gave me a high degree of confidence in their process."

- Barry Malkin, CEO, Carnegie Learning

"Identifying, managing and developing talent is critical to our business. Medius Advisory Group brought an entirely new and effective approach to Carnegie Learning. Medius gets to know you and your needs, and provides the guidance and insight needed to make critical decisions."

- Peter LaCasse, Head of Product, Carnegie Learning



"I chose Medius Advisory Group to help our organization because of the creative learning experiences they brought to the table. Their strong backgrounds, having worked at some of the most well-known organizations in the world, combined with their flexible, real and grounded styles have made our engagement enjoyable. Also, their experiential learning approaches hit the mark and will help us deliver on our intended outcomes!"

- Javier Feliciano, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Meritage Homes







"In a year when the word progressive has been used to distinguish, we finally see the emergence of agents who own this space. For some us there has been a long-felt frustration with hiring external advisors who repeat the same old tired messages, who do not challenge the status quo and who profess to be experts but have never actually worked internally with organizations to know the real challenge of getting sponsorship for and then deploying truly ‘progressive’ approaches to managing people-related change in organizations.

With a rich experience in some of the organizations known for the most enlightened aspects of human resources [Medius Advisory Group has] blazed a trail in questioning the traditional, tired and safe

Our current organizational world of work is faced with perhaps the most volatile and uncertain set of external forces than ever before Much of the thinking that has defined the ‘employee’ is out of date and no longer relevant. 

The textbooks that we all read about HR are no longer relevant. While huge changes are happening in the world around us we are not hearing the response that we need to push that progressive agenda. Courtney and Alicia have shown, time and again, that they create the original and forward-thinking dialogue that shifts our thinking to a new place. 

In the last 20 years these have been the people that I have turned to again and again as the source for the breakthrough when I have been faced with uncertainty. They have always been well-connected to the very latest and emergent [ideas] and hold no fear in telling it how it is.

If the challenge is how to manage a multi-generational workforce–a workforce that expects to work for multiple third parties with a casual relationship to any one company; progressive approaches to diversity beyond bean counting; how to transform the HR team to deal with our VUCA environment or entirely re-think the strategy-plan-performance-reward cycle or one of the other big challenges facing those of use in the people business… who you going to call?…"

-Chris Yates, Chief Learning Officer of Caterpillar, Author of Rewire – A radical approach to Diversity & Inclusion, Founder of Ethical Organizational Design


"I've repeatedly seen the PROFOUND IMPACT that [Medius'] ENLIGHTENED APPROACH to optimizing the relationship between employer and organization can have on both parties."

- Eric Roza CEO, Datalogix (now SVP, Oracle Data Cloud)