Periodically, everyone needs some tangible advice, a different perspective, a way forward, or an objective sounding board. Now, you can have it ON-DEMAND whenever you need it. Based on a 30-year history of corporate coaching, advising, and working side by side with executive teams, Medius Advisory Group delivers affordable, on-demand support for every member of your organization.


Set aside 5 or 10 hours a month for your team and call in for 30-minute sessions to talk through ideas, issues, or concerns. These sessions could be used to gain a high-level, broad-career perspective or  increase your confidence before you walk into an important meeting. You might need help preparing for a difficult event or making sense of feedback you received. Regardless of the issue, Medius can help – in real time, easily accessible, and personally tailored - addressing what you need at the exact time you need it.


Couple this service with a monthly webinar for your entire team, built with content that's most relevant to you. Discuss themes that arose from individual sessions or work on developmental areas your team is already addressing. In all cases, support is ON-DEMAND, bite-sized, prescriptive, and easily accessible. These sessions are designed to drive your business forward across all levels.

On-Demand Consulting
5 hours of consulting (10x 30 minute sessions)
On-Demand Consulting and Webinar
5 hours of consulting (10x 30 minute sessions) + one webinar per month

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